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Interested in ordering a McHenry County Fair-Opoly Game? Click here to pre-order your game now. Game will arrive mid-June, 2023.

This year the McHenry County Fair is celebrating our 75th anniversary. We would like to create a monopoly type Board game specific to the McHenry County Fair. As you will see, we have named the properties to match the different buildings, events, and activities that are always a staple at the fair and have left some spaces available for you to name a property.

If your business would like to be represented on the board game, pick one of the five spaces available and let us know what you would like the property to be named so that players will be able to buy your business to help them win the game.

The MCFA is looking for financial support in this one time only, unique advertising opportunity. We will make 1000 games and they will be available for sale at the McHenry County Fair and through the website, and via social media. These games will make great Christmas or birthday gifts as well as appeal to exhibitors or attendees of the McHenry County Fair.

Deadline for your business or families to participate is mid-February, 2023.

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