McHenry County Fair 2024


Become A Vendor

Want to be a vendor at the McHenry County Fair? Great! All potentials vendors start by filling out our Vendor Application.

This application lets us know what kind of booth you need or service your provide, how much room you need, and what services you require of us, such as water or electric. Your submitted application will be passed on to and discussed by our committee. If there is space available and your offerings are a good fit the committee will decide where to place your booth.

Initial vendor meetings happen in April and May. Our previous year’s vendors who are in good standing have an extended application due date of June 1st.

Accepted Vendor Applications are announced by mid-June.

Last day for food vendors to apply to be a vendor at the 2024 fair is June 20th at midnight.


Made up of four main roads and traveled by our 80,000 spectators annually. The price for space along one of the Midway roads is $27 per frontage food needed along the road.

Need a tent? Ask the fair office about rental options.

Building D

Our main vendor hall. It is air-conditioned, tiled floor, has private bathrooms, and private kitchen.

Booths are $400 each 10 ft x 10 ft space.

Building C

A building dedicated entirely to our vendors who want to perform demonstrations of their crafts or services. Also a great place for vendors looking for daily booth rental.

Booths are $375 each 10 ft x 10 ft space.

Get in Touch

Fill out the form below, and we’ll get back to you with any questions you might have.